Yin Yoga

"In Yin Yoga we do not ask if an asana is right,
just how does it feel..."

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The Yin Way of Yoga

Do you find sitting in meditation uncomfortable and difficult ? Or feel that while you would like more balance and depth in both yoga and life, your asana practice seems often more focused on achievement and attainment then on gaining inner harmony and peace ?

Then maybe it is time to open yourself to the Yin practice way of Yoga.

Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practises designed to work the muscular half, the so called "Yang" tissues of our body, which emphasize internal heat and the lenghtening and contracting the cells and fibres of our muscles. Active asana practice increases strenghts and flexibillity.
Through lifestyle and life attitude today the most people emphasize the Yang side, so it is even
more important to turn your attention to the Yin aspects.
Yang energy is needed to bring vitality to our yin interiour, but it is the gentler yin qualities within us that balance our yang intensities.
Yin Yoga are longer held passive asanas which allow to reach and mobilize the deeper connective tissues of ligaments, bones and even joints. Ligaments become less dense, more flexible, joints juicy and stronger.
Yin is yielding, allowing and nourishing, it deepens your awareness, gives you the opportunity to experiance what is really happening, right here, right now.
Learn the ancient art of becoming still, of deep listening, of "accepting what is given" in the present moment, of tuning in to the internal, softer aspects of your nature.

Yin Yoga is simple, but simple does not mean easy.


Some of the benefits of Yin Yoga:

- calming and balancing of mind and body
- opens energy blockages- increases mobility in the body, especially joints, hips, pelvis and lower spine
- makes your joints "juicy" and better protected
- release of fascia throughout the body
- deeper relaxiation
- lowering of stress level

- better ability to sit for meditation
- more focused
- it is the missing half of your Yang pracice, which brings balance
- ..............and many others.....


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