The Qi Field

There is so much more than what you think, go exploring !
The practice of Zhineng Qigong is based on the Qifield theory, according to which everything in the
universe, of which we are part, consists of a mixed entirety of information, energy and matter.
It is a characteristic of the holistic nature of matter.
For us humans it refers to mind, energy/Qi and body, which form a unit.
All three are different forms of energy/Qi which are influenced by each other.
In Zhineng Qigong we practise the relationship among the three.
The whole universe and thus our bodies are filled by this inexhaustable primal energy, in Zhineng
Qigong called Hunyuan Qi, which creates all life and growth, the earth, objects, nature, our
thoughts, etc. It gives us life and guides us through life and exists in a condition of eternal flow.
In this Qifield, which is also called universal sea, zeropoint field, matrix or quantum field,
everything is connected with everything and is in resonance to each other.
In a burnt-out, stressed or ill body this primary energy force is in a state of imbalance and
While practising Zhineng Qigong we intentionally connect ourselves with the Qifield. This way the
flow of the life energy Qi in the body is raised, transformed and starts to flow freely again.