Nature, traveling, discovering and exploring outer and inner space have always been a great source of inspiration in my life. For years yoga and meditation have been important elements on the adventurous journey to discover my inner universe.

My first contact with Zhineng Qigong in spring 2010 set off a huge wave into motion which brought about many changes. From the very beginning i felt the desire to deeply dive into, so i spent the following years with intense practice and study in several Zhineng Qigong centers in China and at home. After an intensive sixmonth fulltime teachertraining in 2013 with the Daohearts teacher team in Wudangshan and Guillin in China and my returning back home, i started sharing this powerful, transformative method in classes and workshops throughout Germany, and also during beautiful summer retreat weeks at wonderful places in my home country Croatia.

Life is dynamic and forever changing, nothing is static, constant, everything oscillates at it´s own particular frequency. I was aware of this idea before but in real life often my mood would change easily, was very dependent on outside circumstances on the ocean of life with waves at times clear, still, and gently rolling and at other times rough and volatile. Through Zhineng Qigong i started learning to surf this waves.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."~ Jon Zinn

Zhineng Qigong has taught me to connect with the deep inner source of health, inspiration and joy, to feel grounded, and re-connected with my heart. Regular practice, study and exploration have shown me a way to cultivate mind, body and life energy, to experience the true nature of all phenomena, including the body as pure energy, and to feel harmoniously alive, strong and at home in my body.

I am grateful that i have met all this great teachers on my journey and all those who motivate, inspire and teach me to follow the path of my heart. It has become an ongoing journey, which is increasingly more and more opening and interconnecting in all directions from moment to moment. Like climbing the highest mountain, the higher you climb, the farther and clearer the view becomes and the deeper the experiance of your true self.


2005                trad. Thai Yoga Massage training, Sunshine school, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2007                Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training, Seed school, Arambol, India

2009                1 year Vinyassa Flow Yoga teacher training class at Yoga Shala Berlin

2010                 3 month experiential education training, EOS Freiburg

2010 - 2012    Zhineng Qigong seminars with Patricia Fraiser, Tao Qingyu,
                          Luise Kohl-Hayek, Ping Dietrich Shi, Xi Xiaofeng and Wei Qifeng in Germany
                          and the Netherlands

2010 - 2011    2 months Zhineng Qigong training and study at the Hexju Center, Hainan,
                         China, with Liu Jianshe and Zhou Ping

2011                3 months Zhineng Qigong training and study at the Taiji and Qigong Center in
                         Tai´an, China with Zhu Song Hua

2013                6 months fulltime 1120+ hours Zhineng Qigong teacher training at the Daohearts
                         center in Wudangshan/Guilin, China with Wei Qifeng, Tao Qingyu,
                         Xie Chuan, Xi Xiaofeng and several guest teachers

2014-2015     Zhineng Qigong deepening seminars with Lu Zheng Dao, Wang Ling Ling, Xie Chuan
                         and Tao Qingyu  in Germany and the Netherlands

2014                Awaken the illuminated Heart Workshop with Hira Hosen in Amsterdam, Netherland

2016               Reconnective Healing Seminar  in Basel, Switzerland

2016               Zhineng Qigong deepening online training with Ooi Kean Hin (over 6 months)

2017               Progressive + Advanced Seminars with Dr. Joe Dispenza
                       (Author of the book: You are the placebo-making your mind matter)

2017-2018     Deepening Seminars mit Zhu Conghua

2018                Online Training with Zhu Conghua "Children Qigong"
2018               Deepening Seminars with Xie Xiaofeng and Zhen Qingchuan

Anita Ilicic