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Summer Retreat weeks
in Croatia 2019 !

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Zhineng Qigong and Yin Yoga
in Hannover
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A lot of healing arts of the world and by now also modern science teach us that
mind, body and life energy form an inseparable unity.
The main reason of stress, unbalance and illness is a disharmony of mind,
thought, feeling and energy.
Learn to calm down, to relax
and open the space for inner silence, for awareness and creativity.
By attentively turning inward and observing what is going on, you will start to experience your
inner heart power,
and connect with the source of your inexhaustable energy.
Let Zhineng Qigong inspire and accompany you through life processes,
observe the present moment, learn to accept and to release.
Increase the joy in your life, feel how quality and quantity of your life energy improve.
Discover that everything you are looking for to feel better is already inside you.
When we feel connected with "all that is" and our Qi is flowing with ease, we flow through life with
greater ease.
Body, mind and Qi are in harmony.
Zhineng Qigong is practice that helps you to:
- go inward and connect with your heart space
- use awareness, body movement and visualisation to tap into the infinite source of all creation
- cultivate mind and body, experiance the true nature of all phenomena, including your body as a unity of matter, energy and information
- experiance the connectivity of everything in the universe
In my courses and workshops with Zhineng Qigong, Awareness Meditation, Taiji ball and other bodywork elements at beautiful places i offer you to learn such
key-abillities to get back to your natural beingness and power.
I would be happy to support you and your journey towards well-balanced energy, vibrant health
and a conscious life that feels abundant and joyful.
Open your heart and mind, take responsibility for health, joy and the life you want


3 hours intensive practice sundays
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4 hours intensive Introduction Level 1
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