19.-25. August 2018 Qigong and Yoga retreat on Hvar island -Croatia

Zhineng Qigong, Yin Yoga, Kroatien

Recharge & Shine Part 2


walking the path of wholeness and heart connection


Yin Yoga and Zhineng Qigong

19.– 25. August 2018

on Hvar island in south Croatia

In this week in invite you to give yourself time to disconnect from the constant stimulation from the external enviroment and reunion with your silence, connection to self and with this infinite sea of energy and potencials that excists around us and in us. 
We will use intensive Zhineng Qigong, Yin Yoga and Meditation practice and this magic place to allow a deeper homecoming experiance to arise. 

Come and re-find your center and balance, dive deep into the power of selfhealing. Experiance beeing pure consciousness,
the observer, noticing everything, beeing aware of your thoughts, dreams, behaviours and desires. 
Experiance the power of coherence, of aligning thoughts and feelings, the power of choosing a new point of life.

The Program:

Sunday Evening (at Suncokret) -Welcome Circle
MORNINGS: Monday - Thursday (at Suncokret) Friday (at Surprise Location)

2 Hour morning Yin Yoga practice.

The Yin Yoga classes gives us time to feel and explore the inner environment of our body and mind.
One of the greatest benefits of Yin Yoga is that we are given time to contemplate, breathe and feel the physical, energetic, and mental layers of our being.
Mindfullness and healing imagery will increase the harmonising Yin effect.
Each Yin Yoga class will include a 30 minutes guided or silent meditation to contemplate what has arised during the class and set intensions.

The combined Zhineng Qigong elements aim to energize and open the body structure and mind. The mostly standing exercises make your spine soft and flexible.

The friday class (at Surprise Location) includes a 1 hour guided partner Thai yoga massage session for relaxiation and release

AFTERNOONS: Monday & Wednesday (at Suncokret) Tuesday & Thursday (by the sea or in nature)
1-1,5 hours: These sessions will include different relaxing and releasing Qigong exercises and will be dedicated to learning about the power of the mind,
the connection between emotions, the own frequency and blockages/disease & practicing different ways of "Sourcehealing" , such as:

*  Innersmile meditation throughout the inner organs with pouring Qi down throughout the whole body for healing.

*  Smooth, flowing Taiji ball movements for relaxing and awakening the whole spine

*  Playing Qi games to experience energy and how it always follows the mind ("where the mind goes energy flows")

*  Zhineng Qigong La Qi meditation for self healing, a meditation with simple repetitive open-close hands movement for opening the mind,
  each cell, each pore, activating and enhancing the natural energy exchange with nature and source energy.

* Awarness walking meditation to experiance the healing and recharging effect of nature.
  Summary of ways to manage your Qi and recharge in daily life.

Saturday Morning (at Suncokret) - closing circle

Take this wounderful opportunity for time off to be with yourself, to dive deep and having time for integration. Creating a nourishing and relaxing space together, while enjoying the beautiful nature on Hvar island ("The Island of the Sun").

Yoga,Qigong and other practicioners welcome !

Qigong in Croatia

We will stay in a small, cosy, family-run, holistic retreat place, in the quiet, idyllic mountain village Dol, surounded by vineyards, pinewoods and stunning mediterranean nature, allowing to slow down, relax and regenerate.
The twice daily served delicious meals are organic, vegetarian and prepared with love.
Excursions will be available everyday (optional), giving you the chance to explore amazing, natural, historical and cultural spots and locations of this magical island.
Package prices starts from 810.- €
and includs accomodation, double-occupancy (single-available) at Suncokret retreat place,
daily two delicious, organic, vegetarian meals, 3-4 hours daily Zhineng Qigong and Yin Yoga classes, sheduled daily transport to/from beaches and places of interest around the island, free Stari grad port transfers to/from the retreat

Not included:
fees and meals during sightseeing, airfare and ferry boat
For further booking, payment and other informations please contact directly Suncokret Body&Soul Retreat
Due to limited space, early registration is encouraged. Looking forward to share this experiance with you !

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some Impressions:

Qigong Urlaub Kroatien

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Anita Ilicic
Zhineng Qigong and Yoga teacher

Hun Yuan Ling Tong