26. Aug. - 1. Sept. 2018 "Core Vitality" with Zhineng Qigong, Taiji ball and Yin Yoga

Recharge & Shine Part 3

"Core vitality"

more strenght,flexibility,balance and fluidity


Zhineng Qigong, Taijiball and Yin Yoga

26.Aug.– 1.Sept. 2018

on Hvar island in south Croatia

You are warmly welcomed to take a break away from the busy everyday life and to join this special retreat, for a week of wellbeing and vitality.
This one week program will introduce various effective, meditative and physical Zhineng Qigong, Taiji ball and Yin Yoga exercises and methods to help you
to bring relaxation and  flexibility
to the waist, hips, legs, shoulders and spine. Naturally the inner space starts to opens,
then energy like an ocean can fill that open space and nourish and feed the entire body from within.
Mind and body naturally return to balance and a healthy, vital state.

The practice of Zhineng Qi Gong and Taijiball can help you to improve your spine and core smoothness and fluidity and develop awareness of your center, also called the ‘Dantian’ and your perception of the life force energy Qi within your own body and your movement.

Experience aware breathing and inner space deepening during the relaxing Yin yoga asanas;

Experience the benefits of slowing down and turning your attention inward. 
Let the mind, movement and energy merge into harmonious unity. Learn to move your qi, relax muscles and joints.
The practices can offer beautiful support to enhance your understanding of the holistic healing methods and the energetic body. 

Do you know that the spine is the central axis of our body through which the entire nervous system flows ? As the vigorous root system and the juicy trunk of a tree nourish its branches and leaves, the main human energy store in the abdominal center and the energy flow in the spine supply all organs and the entire body with vital life energy. 80% of chronic diseases are due to a disturbed energy flow in the spine.

So lets love your core, love your spine !

The Program

Sunday Evening (at Suncokret) - Welcome Circle
Morning sessions: 1,5 Hour morning practice, Monday - Thursday (at Suncokret) Friday (at Surprise Location)
Afternoon practice: 1,5 Hour Monday & Wednesday (at Suncokret) Tuesday & Thursday (by the sea or in nature)
Saturday Morning (at Suncokret) - Closing Circle

The Zhineng Qigong and Taiji ball sessions aim to awaken the spine, open your body structure from within and to relax
your heart, mind and body. They introduces you to the deep practice of various effective exercises mostly performed standing or sitting.
Take time to increase your self-awareness and increase the natural energy exchange between you and nature.

During the Yin Yoga sesssions you can explore the feelings of naturaly sinking into heart and hip openings, just allowing gravity to do the work.
One of the greatest benefits of Yin Yoga is that we are given time to contemplate, breathe and feel
the physical, energetic, and mental layers of our being.
Mindfulness and healing imagery will increase the harmonizing Yin effect.

We will stay in a small, cosy, family-run, holistic retreat place, in the quiet, idyllic mountain village Dol, surounded by vineyards, pinewoods and stunning mediterranean nature, allowing to slow down, relax and regenerate.
The twice daily served delicious meals are organic, vegetarian and prepared with love.
Excursions will be available everyday (optional), giving you the chance to explore amazing, natural, historical and cultural spots and locations of this magical island.
Package prices starts from 810.- €
and includs accomodation, double-occupancy (single-available) at Suncokret retreat place,
daily two delicious, organic, vegetarian meals, 3 hours daily Zhineng Qigong and Yin Yoga classes, sheduled daily transport to/from beaches and places of interest around the island, free Stari grad port transfers to/from the retreat

Not included:
fees and meals during sightseeing, airfare and ferry boat
For further booking, payment and other informations please contact directly Suncokret Body&Soul Retreat
Due to limited space, early registration is encouraged. Looking forward to share this experiance with you !

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